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The legal status of R4 SDHC / R4i SDHC cards
Flash cards such as the R4 SDHC / R4i SDHC have been around since video game devices have been in existence. People have used them for a lot of purposes: running emulators, loading homebrew apps or playing ROM games (commonly referred to as pirated games). Whether you accept the legal status of them or not, it is an irrefutable fact that flash cards like the R4 DS / R4i DS are becoming increasingly popular for use with the Nintendo DS. Since I have written about the convenience of the Nintendo DS R4 card in previous posts, I will now turn to the legal status of them, and what constitutes legal use of them.

According to an article in the Times U.K., Nintendo DS flash cards such as the R4 / R4i are legal. A representative for Nintendo U.K. mentions in this article that game adaptors (flash cards) like the R4 SDHC / R4i SDHC are legal so long as they are used for purposes that do not break the law. Rob Saunders, the Nintendo spokesman mentioned above, says that using an R4 SDHC / R4i SDHC for these purposes is legal:

- Running homebrew software or games.
- Listening to MP3s of songs you have downloaded off online stores such as iTunes.
- Watching movies that you
- Playing backups of games you already own.

The last point is probably the most important one to R4 SDHC / R4i SDHC users. It is absolutely fine to backup your games and run them on your Nintendo DS R4 card. What does this mean? This means that you can store your entire library of DS or GBA games (apparently it's possible to convert GBA files to NDS files) on your R4 /R4i flash card. Think about it: with a 32GB Micro SD Card, you could hold up to 1000 games. A library of games all in the palm of your hands, available to be played with no legal consequences. What more could you ask for?

To sum it all up, R4s are legal. So what are you waiting for? Embrace technology, and get your R4 SDHC / R4i SDHC here, today.

Is the R4 SDHC / R4i SDHC legal?


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